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Sixth Domain Prompt 3
Sixth Domain, Prompt 3
Character(s): Claudia Whitlock and Ecaterina Grigorescu
It had been several years since she had last been to Shallow Shoals. So long, in fact, that Dustin Winters’ beach painting on the boulder nearby was chipping and vanishing by the time she returned.
Claudia hated looking back on anything. Ask anyone and everyone, she was the girl who lived in the moment. Perhaps she looked to the future more than she should, and got tripped up a lot because she never seemed to focus too much on the present, but look back?
It was a new experience… and she wasn’t sure she liked it.
Cat kept her stable, kept her in the present when the beach and sea around her tried pulling her into the past. It was Cat who was doing the digging—Claudia didn’t think she could stand it.
When she was done, Cat withdrew her hand from the hole she had made under the painted boulder. Holding her hand out for Claudia to see, she uncoiled her fingers to reveal a tiny box.
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Sixth Domain, Prompt 2
Prompt 2: Sunset
Character(s): Coral Reynolds and Zachary Metzger
“It’s been a while since we’ve done this,” Coral whispered quietly, though she was sure Zack could hear her. She didn’t look at him, though—didn’t take her eyes off the sky. Above her, puffy cotton clouds, wisps of waves, and strange lines were floating, painted pastel orange and purple by the setting sun. Behind those clouds were the first stars of the night, small and faint and standing bravely alone in competition with the dying light of day.
Zack chuckled from the place he laid beside her. “It’s been a while since we’ve been here.”
Nodding, Coral queried, “Do you really think the meteor shower will happen tonight?”
“Ashta said so, didn’t she? She’s gotten better at it—she’s rarely ever wrong, now.”
Coral closed her eyes, feeling the air cool around her with the wind as the heat of the day diminished. From
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Sixth Domain, Prompt 1
Prompt 1: Crush
Character(s): Angelina Bogdanovic and Ceridwen Novak.
Years after the near-disaster that shook Sixth Domain, Angelina Bogdanovic and Ceridwen Novak entered the world of teenagerdom. They were now considered Category Three students, now allowed to take walks just outside the grounds without supervision, and as of now they were both officially fourteen.
Ceridwen blew her hair out of her face. From her position on the lumpy bed her friend for some reason favored she could see Angelina hanging up her party dress on the peg near the mirror.
“I can’t believe Charlie got you that M-Tic,” she said enviously. Angelina turned to her, looking as though, instead of seeing Ceridwen, she was looking out into a dream.
“What? Oh, yes, it was rather strange, wasn’t it?” Angelina went back to struggling at putting one end of the hanger through the shoulder straps of her fluffy pink dress.
Ceridwen snorted. “Strange nothing. Madison’s though
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Enoche and Coral
First Glimpse
Coral stomped down the darkened hallway then turned sharply in front of a tall ebony door, which was hard to make out in just candle light.
“Enoche!”  the girl shrieked, foot pounding against the bottom of the door. As her body’s center of gravity shifted with each kick, her hair flew to and fro. “Enoche! Open this door!”
The black door creaked open as she drew her foot back for the fourth time, but only just. Coral had to push the thick slab open further just to get inside.
Enoche’s room was Dr. Frankenstein’s dream lab—or at least, it would have been if the good doctor really existed. The whole room was painted highlighter lime, a grotesquely sick color that made Coral think of nuclear radiation. Tiny model animal skeletons were placed on top of dressers, and in the otherwise-unused wardrobe hung a complete set of human bones. On the various shelves that reached all the way to the thirty-foot ceiling were bottles and jars
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